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Available in 1m (39.4″) pieces that easily join to create unlimited lengths
Can be cut to length
5″ width x 3″ depth
1 x Wedge Wire architectural grate top
1 x Lower channel, connect to 3″ or 4″ outlet pipe
1 x Accessory pack per order (1 x Leaf guard, 1 x Outlet connector, 2 x End caps)


Architectural trench drain system for residential and commercial applications PROTrench is hexadrain lower trench with an architectural wedge wire grate suitable for pedestrian/light vehicle traffic applications such as: Pools, Driveways, Patios, Walkways, and Basements

Product Overview

protrench outdoor drainage

-Easy installation allowing for “push fit” of channels and accessories including easy clip ends for fast and simple connections of channel and corners
-Choice of eight outlets in each 1m (39.4”) channel
-Stainless Steel brushed satin finish grate tops “V” shaped profile wire avoids clogging from leaves and rocks all the while ensuring uninterrupted water flow
-HeelGuard compliant Bare foot safe, perfectly flat and smooth surface make it safe and comfortable to walk on
-Made from recyclable material


-Available in 1m (39.4″) pieces that easily join to create unlimited lengths
-Can be cut to length
-5″ width x 3″ depth

Components Included

-Stainless steel grate top
-Hexagonal Trench
-An accessory pack is included for every 4 meters
2 closing end caps
1 leaf guard
1 vertical outlet

Accessories for Purchase

-Accessory Pack: 2 Closing end caps, 1 Vertical outlet, 1 Leaf guard
-Cornet Unit (connector allows up to 4 way channel connection)
   *Mitered corners available by special order  


  1. Excavate area to accommodate PROTrench hexagonal channel and 4″ concrete surround, compact base
  2. Cut Channels to fit required length (*if necessary)
  3. Knock-out channel base for outlet at required position
  4. Push-fit outlet adapter into bottom of channel, lay outlet channel first and connect 3” or 4” SDR pipe or 4” schedule 40 (*not included)
  5. Lay 4” deep concrete bed. Lay channels working away from outlet, channels slide-fit together
  6. Make sure to keep grate top inside trench while filling to avoid squeezing trench
  7. Finish pavement/pavers must be 1/8” higher than the grate

For Pedestrian Application
PROTrench hexagonal channel can be set directly on well compact soil

For Driveway Application
PROTrench hexagonal channel MUST be surrounded by 4″ of concrete

*Instructions for installing PROTrench included on this page are for representative purposes only.

PROTrench Submittal Sheet

PROTrench Installation Instructions
     Download PROTrench Installation Instructions PDF

PROTrench Brochure
     PROTrench Brochure PDF

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