GARDA Strips

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GARDA Strips are to be used in conjunction with GARDA Membrane to seal seams, creating a completely waterproof system

GARDA Strips consist of a polyethylene inner membrane and covered with a polypropylene fleece which anchors the membrane to the thin set mortar. GARDA Strips are made thinner than the membrane to minimize build up when overlapping seams.
Made to be used in conjunction with GARDA Membrane.


GS5/20F 5″ x 16′ 6″ 0.4mm
GS5/40F 5″ x 33′ 0.4mm
GS5/100F 5″ x 98′ 6″ 0.4mm


Once GARDA Membrane Waterproofing is installed from seam to seam on backing

  1. Apply thin mortar set onto seams with trowel over the GARDA Waterproofing and apply GARDA Waterproofing strips firmly into center of seam with approximately 2.5 inches of strip remaining on either side of seam. The GARDA Strip will overlap onto the GARDA Membrane to ensure an air tight seal.
  2. Ensure that the entire strip is adhered to the thin set mortar
  3. Wipe off excess thin set mortar protruding from seam onto GARDA Membrane
  4. The thin set mortar is applied and must be appropriate for the substrate- generally an un-modified thin set mortar is used

*Width of GARDA strips does not require to be cut to size


*Instructions for installing GARDA Strips included on this page are for representative purposes only.


GARDA Membrane Installation Instructions
     Download GARDA Membrane Installation Instructions PDF

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