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What is the difference between DERA-Line and GARDA-Line?

The key differences between the two is the type of waterproofing they are best suited to and how they attach to the waste line.

Uses standard mechanical clamp down drain (included). Install using PVC, CPE, Pan or HotMop waterproofing
No-Hub connection to waste line. Low-profile installation for no-curb. Waterproof with GARDA bonded membrane or liquid waterproofing
Overtop Standard Shower Drain
No-Hub Connection
PVC/Chloraloy Membrane
Bonded membrane or Liquid Waterproofing
Lower Channel
Sloped via Break-lines
9 Standard Lengths or Custom
9 Standard Lengths or Custom
Outlet Location
Centered on Standard Lengths or Custom
Centered on Standard Lengths or Custom
304 Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel
18 Gauge
16 Gauge
Brushed Satin or Other
Brushed Satin or Other
Brushed Satin or Other
Brushed Satin or Other
ADA Compliant
How is a channel drain installed?

DERA-Line simply installs over-top of a standard mechanical clamp down shower drain.

Full installation instruction can be found in the DERA-Line Installation Manual

GARDA-Line installs with either a bonded membrane waterproofing (GARDA Membrane) or a liquid waterproofing. A connection to the waste line is made with a rubber coupling.

Full installation instruction can be found in the GARDA-Line Installation Manual

What are the benefits of a linear drain versus a standard circular drain?

A traditional center drain requires your wet (shower) area to be sloped in 4 directions, typically referred to as a 4-way slope, and requires a curb. This limits tile size choice to small sized tiles which in turn requires many grout lines which are hard to clean and are not waterproof.

A linear/channel drain gives you the ability to pitch your floor in one direction opening up design possibilities and time savings. You can use large format tiles, limiting the amount of grout lines. Have the option to do a curbless entrance for easy entry and ADA compliance. With 4 unique grate top options to choose you can match any design style.


  • Slope in 1 direction
  • No limitation on tile size or slab material
  • Can be placed as threshold or curb
  • Meets ADA requirements for handicap shower entry
  • No boundaries on design because of drain location
  • Outlet can be located anywhere on channel length
  • Drains water more efficiently
What is the lead time for a channel drain?

All standard items are ready to ship same day (if ordered before 1pm EDT) and custom orders are fulfilled within 72hrs* of order.

*custom orders consisting of many items may take longer


Items are shipped through UPS Ground unless requested (extra charges apply ) to have 1-day or 2-day delivery.

Custom lengths, shapes, sizes, angles?

We can custom make channel drains to any length and can inculde multiple outlets along the stretch of the lower channel. By special request we can fabricate L shaped or angled drains

If you cannot see what you require on our website please give our technical support line a call at 1-800-746-9885

How many GPM can a channel drain handle?

GPM Flow rates are dependent on many variables, please see Linear Drain Handbook for more information. Most US residential installations use a 2” waste line, which has an average capacity of 9 GPM at 1⁄2” head of water, assuming proper venting. One common way to increase this GPM is to add an additional 2” outlets and tying them to a 3” waste line, which will significantly increase the flow rate to 21 GPM.

Do I need more than 1 outlet?

Assuming an indoor installation we recommend an outlet every 30”. For example, on a 60” length drain, if the outlet is centered, it is considered to have 30” on either side. In the same example, if the outlet is offset 10” from one side, we would recommend a secondary outlet. Our Custom service allows you to specify the length and outlet position along with having multiple outlets.

Outdoor applications vary by how much water is trying to be diverted and is completely dependent on each projects needs.

I have 1-1/2 inch waste line, can I still connect to your drains?

Yes, DERA-Line channel drain come with a reducer and GARDA-Line drains require a 1-1/2" to 2" rubber coupling reducer

What are your standard sizes?

Standard Lengths are:


NOTE: All standard lengths have outlets centered in channel

What type of stainless steel are your channels and grate tops made from?

Both the lower channel and grate top are made from 304 austenitic stainless steel