DERA-Line TileInsert Standard

MSRP $320.00$795.00

DERA-Line TileInsert Linear Drain

A clean, and timeless design which will add polish and sophistication to any project


-Installs overtop standard shower drain (provided)
-Sloped via break lines allowing water to properly drain
-Centered outlet
-PVC/Chloraloy Liner / Lead/Copper Pan / Hot Mop
-0.859″ lower trench depth
-18 gauge, 304 stainless steel
-9 gallons per minute 1 outlet capacity
-ADA Compliant

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GRATE TOP (TileInsert)
○ 2-1/2″ overall width
○ 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel
○ Accepts flooring material up to 13/32″ in thickness
○ Height adjustable, minimal height above waterproofing: 1-1/2″

○ Sloped vis break liners allowing water to drain properly, with center outlet
○ 0.859″ lower trench depth
○ 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel
○ 9 gallons per minute 1 outlet capacity
○ Installs overtop of standard clampdown shower drain (included)

○ PVC Liner
○ Chlorolay Membrane
○ Lead Pan
○ Copper Pan
○ Hot Mop

○Length can be made to measure
○ Outlet location can be moved
○ Multiple outlets
○ Shapes and configurations

○ Brushed Satin (Standard)
○ Matte Black*
○ Matte White*
○Oil rubbed Bronze*
*finish available as special order

ADA Compliant

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DERA-Line pre-pitched flanged channel with center set outlet location. Standard or custom lengths and outlet location fabrication available. Install with standard clamp down drain waterproofing methods

Standard Installation OverviewDERA-Line Standard Installation Drawing

DERA-Line Standard Installation
Download printable PDF file of above image

DERA-Line Installation Video

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DERA-Line TileInsert Submittal Sheets
20DLTxx | 20DLT30 | 20DLT32 | 20DLT36 | 20DLT40 | 20DLT44 | 20DLT48 | 20DLT54 | 20DLT60 | 20DLT72

DERA-Line TileInsert Technical Drawings

DERA-Line Installation Instructions
Download DERA-Line Installation Instructions PDF

DERA-Line Installation Drawing
Download DERA-Line Installation Drawing PDF

DERA-Line Brochure
Download DERA-Line Brochure PDF

Linear Drain Handbook
General guide lines and ideas about linear drain placement
Download Linear Drain Handbook PDF

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